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Our aim is to serve as many people as possible by improving their health, fitness and mindset through the world class service that we provide.


Hi, my name is Calum Tivy and I am the face behind Progressive Fitness.

I have been resistance training for the last 8 years as well as trained in various other sports such as football, jiujitsu, boxing, wrestling, and MMA. I am a qualified personal trainer, S&C coach and a PN level #1 nutritionist.

It was not always plain sailing for me. During my own fitness journey I often struggled to achieve my goals and discovered this is something people worldwide struggle with. I saw this as an opportunity to be able to help others achieve their goals by shortening their learning curve with the knowledge and experience I have gained. Whether that be to lose fat and tone up or to build lean muscle mass and improve sporting performance.

I have tried and tested every diet out there from intermittent fasting to keto to IFFYM and each one works but it’s all about what you can stick to and enjoy. I believe everyone should be able to enjoy their food while achieving their goals in the process and this can be done without living on extremely boring diets, the days of chicken rice 3 times a day should be no more.

My results are proven time and time again, as you can see on testinmonials page. All training and nutrition is scientifically proven to work as I have transformed my body, performance, mindset and I have helped countless others just like you, achieve these goals.

Ready to take charge of your life?

That’s when I came to Calum, the knowledge he has and the understanding of the body both physically and mentally is incredible.


Incredible trip up to Belfast for the Authority Network Business Mastermind held by Fitness Entrepreneur.

It was truly inspiring to be in the same room as other high achieving coaches from around the world and it was great to bounce ideas off each other.

To top off the day I was honoured to receive a very cool award from the big man himself Philip Graham for the outstanding service to my clients and growth of my business.

I am looking forward to implementing everything learned and leveling up my program to continue providing my clients the best service possible so we can help them create a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.

This blade is an award gifted to Progressive Fitness at the High Performance Business Coaching event in Belfast on the 29th of March 2022 and was awarded as a symbol of their service provided to their clients and for outstanding performance in their business growth


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