Frequently Asked Questions | Progressive Fitness 101



1Do I have you take progress pictures?
Yes, you do. Without these pictures, I cannot see how well you are progressing and won't be able to adjust your plan accordingly for you to continue to progress. Taking pictures can be very daunting at first but I can guarantee that you will be happy you took them once you start seeing a change in your body and you can compare your new pictures to your old pictures and see how far you've come.
2How do I know what program to choose?
If you are unsure of what program will best suit your goals send us an email and we can discuss your goals and get you on the right program.
3Do I have to live in Ireland to sign up?
No. You can live anywhere in the world. All my coaching is done online so it does not matter where you are living.
4Do I need access to a gym?
No, not necessarily. This depends on your goals and your level of training experience. Having some equipment at home will always be beneficial. Depending on your goals I can discuss with you individually what would best suit you and the results you want.
5Do you follow IIFYM principles?
I will prescribe you a nutrition plan with a calorie goal. Some people prefer structure and following the plan 100%. But I do allow clients to play around with their food choices once they understand how to do so and stick to their calorie and macros goals. If clients are unsure how to do this then they can ask me and I will fit it into their plan for them.
6What if I miss check-in?
I understand things don't always go to plan and something might have popped up when you are unable to check-in. That's ok, but I would expect a text that day or the next day to let me know what's up. We can then reschedule your check-in. If you keep missing check-ins then this will be a problem. If you don't check-in I cannot see if you are progressing or not, therefore I will not be able to adjust your plan accordingly and help you the best I can to get you the body you want!
7How often do I check-in?
Check-ins are every second week. This gives you are good chance to push yourself and progress before we touch base again. This does not mean you cannot message outside these 2 weeks. Clients can send me a message at any time any day I'm always here to help.
8How long to commit?
The minimum amount of time you can sign up for is 12 weeks. I personally think this is the minimum amount of time to see physical changes in your body and also to create new habits and change your mindset around training and nutrition. 12 weeks also allows me time to educate you so when you are done with your plan you know how to maintain what you have achieved and how to adjust your nutrition and training when your goals change and when you want to continue to improve yourself.
9What about cheat meals?
I create nutrition plans based on foods you like and will never ask you to eat something you don't like. Cheat meals usually consist of processed convenient foods which offer no health benefits or aid your progress so they will not be the main feature in my programs. However, we all have social events or times where you will want to eat foods that aren't on the plan and we can adjust your plan when times like that pop-up.
10Am I guaranteed results?
If you follow the plan and do as I say then yes there is no reason why you wouldn't get results. But if you arent following the plan accordingly then I can't guarantee that you will get results. When you sign up for my coaching, essentially you don't know how to get the results you want or you just need help so why would you not follow my instructions and do your own thing especially since you have financially invested in it.
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