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His plan was perfect

Here we have client @charlo_8 He is a Cork City youth player and a very dedicated, driven young man, he leaves no stone unturned when It comes to improving his game. Charlie came to us looking to build muscle, increase speed & strength during his pre-season. In 8 weeks there has been huge improvements in Charlie’s body composition, overall strength & speed which will carry over to his performances on the pitch for the coming season! Charlie was a pleasure to work with. He puts in the hard work with his training and followed his nutrition plan accordingly which can be seen in the pictures. He has a very bright future ahead of him. Here’s what Charlie had to say: Before I was training with Calum I never took any notice of my macros and calories and it effected my progress loads , I was also inconsistent in training and I wasn’t on a set plan to hit my whole body. Since I’ve been on a plan with Calum I’ve being tracking my macros and calories and I’ve been tracking my reps and exercises making sure to hit every muscle which has helped me do much to progress and grow. I would highly recommend Calum he has helped me so much through the last 8 weeks, his plan was perfect and very personalised towards my needs, he was also in contact with me the whole time checking in with me which helped a lot . I would recommend Calum to everyone who is trying to progress in any sort of fitness work.

Would 100% recommend Calum

Check out these results from @sami_j90. Sammy struggled with keeping herself accountable but once she had accountability and the proper guidance she was able to get in incredible shape and achieve her goal as can be seen in these pictures! Here’s what Sammy had to say:
What was life like before the plan?
Life before the plan was a blend of carbs and sugar. A lot of easy options like take-aways or microwave dinners. No consistency at all!
What was life like after working with Calum? It’s not so bad I held it for a good while and then got lazy and fell into a lot of old habits! Tried getting back on track but find that I’m much better when I have some one to be accountable to.
Who would you recommend Progressive Fitness to?
Would 100% recommend Calum to any one and every one. He helped me so much without having to cut things like carbs or sugars from my diet. If I had any issues it would be changed for me straight away. The food is normal food not chicken rice and veg like most diets around. It’s something the whole house will eat. Very convenient for every day life.

Game changer

⭐️WINNING IN LOCKDOWN ⭐️ Amazing results from @reneemc8 who made the most of our newly designed glute hypertrophy plan. The progress she has made in such a short space of time is incredible and we can’t wait to see how much she improves on this in the future! One of the principles I teach my clients is that when you put your focus on what you want and have the correct plan and support there is nothing you can’t achieve! Too many people think the gym is the only way to get in shape. The reality is that it is not. The gym is one of many tools. Here is what Renee had to say:
What was life like before the plan?
I was feeling a bit stuck in a rut with my training, happy with the progress I had made but feeling like I needed some help to take it to the next level.
What's life like after the plan?
I thoroughly enjoyed the 8 weeks. I loved the focus it gave me and it removed the hassle of me, amateurly, attempting to plan my own workouts. To have a pro formulate the plan for me, with impeccable knowledge to achieve maximum results, was a game changer. I was only able to complete 3 weeks in the gym before it closed so I had to complete the majority of the programme as best I could from home but I'm delighted with the results. I've learned so much from it and I can't wait to be able to repeat it fully in the gym.
Who would you recommend my service to?
I would highly recommend Calum to any girls looking to grow their glutes and I will happily return to him in the future for further guidance and programming as my fitness goals evolve.

Fantastic at what he does

Here is our client Katie who came to us looking to drop a few pounds for her recent wedding! We were delighted to be able to help her achieve her goal 💪. See what she had to say about it below 🙂
What was life like before?
Before the plan I used to unknowingly over eat on food. Calum’s plan gave me structure and told me the correct amounts to eat. I really enjoyed the plan and I looked forward to every meal. I have tried plans before and I always dreaded the food and didn’t enjoy it. Calum listens to you and makes a plan specifically for your liking.
Who would you recommend this service too?
I would recommend anyone who is struggling with food to message Calum he is absolutely fantastic at what he does. I will continue to work with Calum and I look forward to it.

I had more energy and confidence

Here is one of our previous clients, Rhian, and this is her story:
What was life like before the plan?
Before the plan, I was stuck in a rut, eating very badly and no motivation. My confidence was dropping, I felt very lethargic and I didn’t know where to start to get back on track.
What’s is life like after the plan?
I had more energy and confidence, I felt much happier. I found I was a lot more conscious of what I ate ie checking calories in food I ate. I found I had a healthier relationship with food. As you showed me I didn’t have to deprive myself of anything, just all in moderation.
Who would you recommend my service too?
Everyone, I think everyone needs to learn more about nutrition and what they put into there body. Before I did the plan I was actually under eating, you gave me the knowledge to know what my body needs daily.

This plan suited me perfect

Here’s Kim and this is her story:
What was life like before the plan?
So before I started with Calum I used to think when you went on a diet and wanted to loose weight it was cut out all carbs eat more veg and fruit and do your exercise and you would loose weight and this is true but I felt the minute I started eating carbs again the weight would be back on within a week or two. I have a sit down job and do 12 hours so it was hard coming home from a long shift and getting motivated to do exercise so I would normally not do anything. So when I went to Calum and he had given me a plan which had carbs and 4 meals a day plus snacks which included pizzas and crisps I didn’t think I would loose weight but I did I lost over half a stone and went down nearly 2 inches in my waist I felt amazing He made sure every day i hit my steps and the 1st week I found it hard I was tired after work and didn’t want to be out for long walks after work but the more I done it the more energy I had and didn’t mind as much going for walks and doing workouts What is life like after the plan?
After the plan we were straight into Xmas but I still found myself making the healthy pizzas he had In his recipe book Instead of getting a take away and trying to make healthier choices with the crisps I get I haven’t went on much walks and I can feel my energy is low again but I know I can do it because he gave me the push I needed the last time so I know I can start again
Who would you recommend my service too?
I would recommend his plan to pretty much anyone he tailors it to suit your lifestyle whether you can’t go to the gym much or not he will still give you a great food plan I found the plan brilliant I was never hungry never craving anything it changed weekly so you weren’t eating the same things all the time. This plan suited me perfect. I’m busy I don’t have much time but I could prep my food for a few days get my steps in and I still saw huge results by week 3 which is amazing considering all the food I was eating he was great to check in during the weeks he was always there if u asked a question and he was a great motivation for me I was very lazy but he soon changed that.

Easiest diet I was ever on

Here we have a Client who took advantage of our 6 week Covid-19 sale! We were able to change in body composition drastically in just 6 weeks. . This client is our first tri-athlete, so as well as training in a swim, cycle and run each week he also managed to get 3 strength training session in per week and the results speak for themselves. . The client already was in good physical condition, but just needed some guidance choosing the right food choices and the correct times to eat, so that he could improve his performance and physique. What you eat & When you eat is especially important when training as often and intensively as this client. . The client lost a total of 4 kg’s over the 6 weeks, which is clearly all body fat. We are absolutely delighted with the clients results, it just goes to show that when you combine hard work and discipline you can achieve amazing results 💪! Client: ‘Easiest diet I was ever on. Learned a lot from it. Don’t have to be eating chicken rice a veg. I’d say I had that about 4 times through out the 6 weeks. I could keep this diet goin for as long as I want no hassle at all. Didn’t get cravings at all. There was chocolate and pizza in it. I honestly can’t get over how easy it was. And I NEVER felt starving’

I enjoyed the process

🚀 8 week Body recomposition 🚀 I pride myself on being able to change a persons body and mindset by getting over previous hurdles that held them back! This client in 8 weeks lost a total of 6kg, built some lean muscle and is only getting started! Looking forward to seeing the results he will achieve in the future 💪 Client: ‘I got onto calum as I was struggling with motivation and consistency with my weight so I knew i needed someone like calum to help me get physically and mentally in a better shape and I enjoyed the process and the results so well that I'm going to continue to keep working with calum and recommend other people if there struggling with motivation and consistency as I was.’

Has been great

A little different to our usual clientele! This client is an elite Brazilian jujitsu competitor and a coach. He came to us looking to lose some body fat he gained over the covid lockdown, and also to be able to walk around at the weight he competes at comfortably which will remove the need for him to cut weight for a competition. This way his sole focus can be purely on training and improving his game! He followed an 8 week plan and brought his body fat down gradually, while building lean muscle tissue. His energy levels remained high throughout the plan, with plenty of carbs to fuel his training sessions. This was done with foods the client enjoys. Client: ‘Working with Calum, has been great. I’m not normally one to worry about my weight but I had gained a lot more than I realised over the lockdown due to poor food choices and lack of training. After 8 weeks of a manageable meal plan I reduced my weight down to 68kg and gained a lot of muscle and tone. Also noticed a huge improvement in my energy levels for my Jiujitsu and yoga training which was an unexpected bonus’

Over the moon with my results

This client came to me wanting to lose some body fat before we start a lean building phase. She was hard working and disciplined and the results speak for themselves. Client: ‘I’m over the moon with my results. I can’t believe it was as easy as it was. The food wasn’t restrictive at all Calum always put a treat in my plan which made it really enjoyable. I never took pictures before I hated looking at them but I’m so glad calum encouraged me to take them because from week to week you might not notice the small changed but when you put you before and after together you can really see how far you have come. I’m really happy in myself and feel more confident and I’m excited to start building muscle with progressive fitness now’

I’m delighted I started

Incredible results for this client. Just under 20 Kgs of body fat dropped in 12 weeks. He was a dream to work and was very disciplined throughout! Always put in the effort every week which really shows what can be done! Excited for the next 12 weeks with this client, and helping him to achieve the goals he desires! Client: ‘I started with Calum to drop weight and get closer to the shape I want to be. I was training but lacked consistency and my diet was all over the place. Calum gave me a plan over the last 12 weeks and showed me what a structured diet was. Good clean food I was never hungry and anything that I didn’t like was swapped out for something else. I’m delighted I started and can’t recommend him enough. Looking forward now to see what we can do in the next 12 weeks.’

I'd definitely recommend him

When I started with Calum I was training 3 or 4 times a week but I was not losing weight or toning up as much as I wanted to as my diet was all wrong. Calum started me on a diet that was easy to follow and explained the importance of portion sizes and weighing out food. If I had any problems he was very quick at sorting them out and was very encouraging during my 6 weeks , I'd definitely recommend him

Training and nutrition plans were brilliant

Excellent results in just 6 weeks of our fat loss program. This client was a dream to work with, put the head down and worked hard, never complained and then reaped the rewards of being in great shape, better posture, fitter & stronger 💪. Here’s what this client had to say. “I reached out to Calum because I wanted to get back into training. I lacked motivation with awhile now and couldn’t train consistently. Calum and I set goals that I could work towards, his training and nutrition plans were brilliant and Calum was always just a phone call away if I had any questions. I’ve never been able to stick to a nutrition plan until now. I’m delighted I reached out because Calum has motivated me to start training again and has given me the knowledge to manage my food while having a busy schedule”.

I would recommend Calum 100%

6kg down 💪🏾 It’s the small everyday changes that make all the difference not the dramatic changes that people are not able to keep up, such as cutting out carbs/foods you enjoy or trying to make it to the gym everyday of the week. Client: ‘Delighted I got in touch with Calum when I did. I go through periods of being really motivated to exercise and eat well to having no motivation at all. Calum was there every step of the way encouraging me and giving me that extra push when I needed it the most. I have tried a lot of diet plans thought he years and Calum’s diet plan was defiantly the most varied. It was great being able to enjoy food like pizza without having the guilts after. I’m looking forward to working with him again. Whatever your looking to achieve, whether it’s to lose weight, tone up or just add a bit of structure to your diet, I would recommend Calum 100%’

The workouts were great

Another client who has completed their fat loss plan. He lost just under 2 stone in 3 months. These are amazing results in such a short space of time. If you need help to kickstart your weight loss journey or even muscle building journey drop us a DM and we can have a chat about your goals. Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can do today. Client : ‘I started with progressive fitness during lock down as I wanted to lose weight and get fitter!! I’m a disaster with diet but to be fair to Calum when he gave me my diet plan I didn’t like loads on it and changed it to things I did like .. and I never looked back the workouts were great, diet was brilliant and anything I needed he was only a phone call away anytime of the day .. would highly recommend thanks again’

Really enjoyed working with Calum

6 Weeks Fat Loss. Another hard working client. Hard work not only gets you in good physical shape but it also increases confidence and happiness. Client: "I Really enjoyed working with Calum, I put on weight when lockdown started and said I'd have to do something about it before life goes back to normal . Got onto Calum and he got me back to where I was without restrictions. He included pizza and a chocolate snack before bed. It was amazing. I was never hungry and was always super for swapping out foods for me. I really enjoyed the 6 weeks and will 100% be back 👏 “

I couldn’t be happier

6 Week Fat Loss Plan. This client wanted to to lose some excess fat while still maintaining muscle. She enjoyed a flexible diet as she wanted to enjoy her weekends and still made progress. Looking much leaner and more defined. Client: “I would highly recommend Progressive Fitness for nutrition and training programmes! I am just finished my 6 week plan with Calum and I couldn’t be happier. The food plan was enjoyable and also the home workouts! Calum was very helpful and supportive throughout the past 6 weeks and I enjoyed every second of this journey”

Calum’s knowledge is second to none

Here we have another client who was an absolute dream to work with. She is a busy mother and still managed to give it her all every week. She’s proof that even with a busy schedule that you can achieve your goals when you put in the work! She made no excuses over the 6 weeks. She followed a home workout plan and stayed active throughout the day. By staying disciplined with her training and nutrition the client was able to achieve the desired results. . “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments” . Client: ‘I’m Absolutely delighted I started with progressive fitness when I did, I have been trying to get to where I am now with so long, and to think it just took a little over 6 weeks With the right diet and exercise! Calum’s knowledge is second to none on how to fuel my body correctly especially at the right time in the month! I have learnt so much while on this plan and it’s Something I can slot right into everyday life which is so important, the meal plan was so versatile and easy to prepare and it never got boring and I was never hungry, It even satisfied my sweet tooth! I can’t wait to keep progressing with the Knowledge I have learned! ‘

I’m delighted with my results

This client came to us looking to improve his body composition, lose body fat and make better food choices for his general health & well being! He recently completed a 6 week plan and made incredible progress starting out at 91kg and finishing at 81kg. . Some home workouts and running was the main source of training the client! A mixture of high intensity training and long distance runs can give incredible results. Through this training and the nutrition plan we provided the client was able to put himself in more of a caloric deficit each week, which gave him the results he desired! . Another very hard working client and was a pleasure to work with, always checked in on time and stuck to his meal plan each week. . Discipline is the bridge between goals & results! Client: ‘I started with Progressive fitness to lose weight that would help me to be ready for when the soccer season started back up. Delighted with the plan great food choices, never felt hungry and never had cravings. I’m delighted with my results and so glad I did this plan as it opened up my eyes to how you don’t have to eat plain, boring foods to lose weight.’

He was always there

Amazing transformation from this client. This is what 12 weeks of hard work looks like, total body recomposition. . This client is a typical hard gainer which means he would find it more challenging to build muscle. That is down to genetics. But you don’t have to let genetics define you. You are able to change your body with hard work and dedication, some of us might have to work that bit harder than others. We can give you plans and programs to aid you reaching your goal but it’s up to you to put in the effort. Remember building muscle is hard, maintaining muscle is easier. The hard work for this client is now done. He has reached his goal, by putting on just under 5kg of lean muscle mass in 12 weeks! Finishing a program doesn’t mean to go back to your old way now. When you finish a program you will have a better understanding of training and nutrition which will help in maintaining what you have and/or progress and improve yourself even more. Client : I started a training program with progressive fitness for 12 weeks with the hope of putting on weight. Before this I was training on and off with awhile, I was always getting stuck at a certain weight and I felt like I was just after hitting a stopping point. That's when I came to Calum, the knowledge he has and the understanding of the body both physically and mentally is incredible. If anything was out of place or didn't suit he was always there first thing to sort it out, always kept me tracking my weights and pb's to drive me on for the following week which played its part. I will take everything I've learned from this program to help me building myself in the future.

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